Georgia Recyclers Association officials participate in
signing of HB 461 at Governor Deal's Office on May 5.

(L-R) Frank Goulding, Newell Recycling; GRA President Michael Fairman, Glynn Iron and Steel; Tyler Adams, The Hudson Group; GRA Vice President Gary Kamp, Metro Alloys; Brian Hudson The Hudson Group; Steve Levetan, Pull-A-Part; Bill Sponsor Representative Jason Shaw; Governor Deal; Senate Sponsor Senator Renee Unterman; Lovett Thornton, Lovett's Auto Sales; Rick Gates, Fortune Group; Chip Koplin, Pull-A-Part; Jason Tutterow, Georgia Power; Scott Draper, Georgia Power.

Dear fellow GRA members:

I hope that you are doing well and enjoying the summer. As you recall, SB 461 was signed by Governor Deal in May and will take effect on July 1. The main components affecting recyclers in our day-to-day operations are 1. that batteries will now be considered a regulated metal property and will require the same documentation as copper, aluminum, etc., and 2. stricter requirements on parties allowed to sell catalytic converters.

GRA has updated the compliance guide and all new changes are indicated in red. Click on these links for the guide and a one page fact sheet. Please be sure that all of your employees are aware of these changes. These revised documents will also be available on the GRA website in the near future. We encourage you to print copies of the compliance guide and share with all of your employees involved in the purchase of regulated metal properties.

I also wanted to remind you to renew your annual registrations with your local sheriff's department. While these come due throughout the year, quite a few of us are due for that renewal on July 1.

Thanks so much for your continued support of the GRA. We will be in touch soon with a "hold the date" for our annual meeting this fall.


Michael Fairman


President, Michael Fairman
Glynn Iron & Steel

Treasurer/Secretary, John Tate
Newell Recycling

Vice-President, Gary Kamp
Metro Alloys

Immediate Past President, Rick Caldwell
Schnitzer Southeast

Board of Directors:

Chip Koplin

Rick Gates
Fortune Metals

Dan Sterling
Direct Metals

Nick Cantrell
Waycross Recycling

Lovett Thornton
Lovett's Auto Sales

Executive Director:

Lenora Kopkin (770) 381-9616

Governmental Affairs Consultant:

Brian Hudson, The Hudson Group

As you are aware, there has been a great deal of legislative activity in Georgia recently on the subject of metals theft.

The substantial expense involved with this has been paid by the New Southern Chapter of ISRI. Since this has become a large recurring expense, the ISRI chapter is no longer able to fund our legislative efforts at the same level. Due to the need for funds to continue our important work, several years ago, decision was made to re-establish a state recycling association.

We would like for you to become a member of this important organization. We have spent a considerable amount of resources educating the legislators, law enforcement and other stakeholders that our industry is not to blame for the metal theft problem.

We continue to educate all involved that the Georgia recycling industry is a major stakeholder in the theft issue - but that we can HELP all involved on the subject of metal theft.

We are aware that many of you are currently involved in your respective areas of Georgia - working with law enforcement, prosecutors, legislators and others to communicate and address the issue of metal theft. We are grateful for this help and hope that it will continue. We do feel that it is critical that we, as a unified industry, become better organized to address these issues and to better educate ourselves and others in Georgia about metal theft and other important issues to our industry.

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